SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform®

Recognizing the growing focus on big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and achieving an enterprise view of risk, significant research went into SBS' next generation flagship offering, SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform®. Internet-scale data is handled with ease while complex information comes alive visually to facilitate list management, entity resolution, research and reporting.

The platform is fully configurable, avoiding reliance on the vendor for changes like field/column naming, drop-down menus, business workflow and more. Other design considerations include:

  • Sustainable: adaptable for specific needs, unplanned situations and growth
  • Auditable: all user actions and system events are logged and viewable in timelines including changes to customer records and third-party reference lists
  • Defendable: model validation is explainable and time-tested with transparency of settings and thresholds
  • Ownership: the institution "owns" thresholds, settings and user management

Key differentiators that will enable institutions to address regulators' expectations include:

  • Enterprise Making the Connection for a view of enterprise risk across lines of business
  • Below-the-line testing for model validation and threshold setting based on lines of business and other risk factors

SAS VIP screen 01

SAS VIP screen 02

SAS VIP screen 03