about us


We live in a world of unprecedented risk, with corporations, institutions, and governments vulnerable to terrorists, financial fraudsters , drug dealers, and money launderers.  The only way to beat these stealth figures that threaten our security is to outsmart them.  SBS provides software and services  that “isolate  anomalies” in the sea of data.   Using a patent pending methodology, SBS delves into the depths of massive information databases—including bank accounts, passport applications, criminal records and suspicious affiliations — to protect our clients’ assets and compliance with the law by rooting out dangerous entities that threaten our clients’ data.

Since 1998, SBS has brought its unique entity resolution solutions to the financial services and other industries.  SBS provides clients with the software and human capital necessary for fail-safe AML and compliance solutions.  As seen in our Rogue’s Gallery, SBS’ compliance solutions have yielded profound results for our clients.  Many high-profile figures who eluded capture and were surreptitiously exploiting our clients’ services for their own illicit activities have since been apprehended thanks to SBS.

SBS: Thinking Ahead of the Risks.