Collective Entity Resolution

Is there a blind spot in your AML and compliance process?

The blind spot takes the form of terrorists, money launderers and other financial fraudsters camouflaged in your customer base. Of course, you likely have AML and compliance programs in place to protect your interests--and to shield your institution from harsh penalties for failing to do so. But chances are that some solutions can fall dangerously short of the mark and leave your institution at risk. Precisely the reason why leading banks and other financial institutions rely on SBS' proprietary solution for entity resolution, which has resulted in the identification of many high-profile criminals as seen in our Rogues Gallery.

SBS' suite of entity resolution software includes SAFE Advanced Solutions®, which identifies the true risks you face while eliminating false positives. Find out more about our solution with its patent pending methodology for risk ranking PEPs and other high-risk entities.

Our other solutions include:

  • SAFE Forensic Analysis®: SBS will mine your database and provide a quick report of the highest risk, highest relevance and most likely-to-be-true matches.
  • SAFE List Management: SBS provides an important component for managing the various watch lists that are updated by government agencies.

How We Do It

How we strengthen AML & Compliance

SBS' proprietary exposure and strength index offers a powerful defense against financial risk that is unmatched in the industry. Using mathematically-based logic and algorithms, SBS provides an automated, daily risk ranking of the leading commercial PEPs and high-risk databases. By prioritizing the highest risk and most relevant matches, SBS arms institutions with actionable intelligence. This intelligence identifies risk before it becomes a serious threat, moving organizations from reactive to proactive and providing a sustainable and auditable process.

How we connect the dots to identify high-risk individuals

Business is a social experience, so is financial crime. Financial crime involves a complex web of relationships that operate within their own ecosystem. Correlating links between often far-flung participants is not always straightforward.

SBS employs sophisticated Google-like analytics to identify the “six degrees of separation” between linked entities, finding connections that other solutions miss. An upstanding client in your customer database may have indirect connections to suspect individuals and organizations. SBS identifies these relationships and the players involved.

How we expose the bad guys – screened but undetected

SBS' entity resolution software and sophisticated visualization techniques prove a powerful combination for exposing high-risk individuals in a customer database — those clients who have been screened but whose direct or indirect connections to suspect organizations or individuals remain undetected.

Demonstrating our extensive domain expertise and years of experience working with large information databases, we ferret out non-obvious relationships and identify potential perpetrators before they pose financial and reputational risk.

How we uncover hidden risk

SBS' risk-ranking methodology (patent pending) combined with the use of data attributes (e.g., categories and positions), government lists and internal/external links in a high-risk persons database produces better quality alerts. Robust modules for advanced link analysis and news monitoring identify broader relationships —family members, close associates and acquaintances — to support comprehensive research and expose a more holistic view of risk.

How we create actionable intelligence

By optimizing data and customizing it for an institution's specific risk-based requirements, SBS returns a higher quality result set. This hierarchy of high-quality matches enables a more efficient and cost-effective use of resources. SBS quantifies, prioritizes and presents risk along with information from a multitude of sources to maximize business intelligence.

How we thwart financial crime

By incorporating visualization tools and other advanced methodologies for exposing complex networks and relationships, SBS is continually Thinking Ahead of the Risks to thwart money laundering, terrorist financing, white-collar crime, drug trafficking and other illicit activities.

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