SAFE Alert Manager®

Leverage AI technologies to improve entity resolution. Dramatically reduce alert rates and minimize false positives.

Entity resolution is a critical component of an effective sanctions and KYC compliance program. Poor entity resolution results in a large number of false positives and the risk of false negatives.

SAFE Alert Manager® leverages artificial intelligence techniques to resolve entities by combining SAFE Exposure Index®, which captures the relative risk of a match, and SAFE Strength Index®, which evaluates attributes to determine probability. Once potential matches are scored and prioritized they can be worked in order against the combined dimensions, targeting true matches and improving efficiency.

Given the need to screen against vast quantities of data, institutions cannot rely on basic rules that lead to thousands of false positives. The principles-based approach used in SAFE Alert Manager® finds the risk a rules-based solution might miss without generating a crushing volume of false positives. This means you can have a greater level of confidence in your screening programs while at the same time reducing the operational cost of compliance.