SAFE Forensic Analysis®

Expedite alert investigation, rationalize costs and mitigate risk. Complete time-sensitive AML remediation and compliance activities with confidence.

Many organizations find themselves overwhelmed with a backlog of alerts that need to be evaluated and decisioned due to the high false positive rates of most screening solutions. Once alerts have been created they must be dispositioned in a timely manner. SAFE Forensic Analysis® is a service that reduces exposure by quickly identifying the highest risk individuals and entities in a customer database. It provides a valuable tool for institutions to complete time-critical due diligence and identify gaps in existing controls.

SAFE Forensic Analysis® is a cost effective and efficient solution to address a variety of KYC and due diligence requirements; whether that is responding to an audit or regulatory finding or performing merger/acquisition due diligence. Institutions can deploy the service to quickly complete look back analysis or alert remediation efforts. Work that would otherwise take months can be reduced to meet critical deadlines.

Whether screening for sanctioned entities, politically exposed persons (PEPs) or reputationally exposed persons (REPs) found in adverse media, leveraging leading edge technology along with SBS’ certified AML professionals can help efficiently identify risks in your organization’s customer database.