SAFE List Management

Optimize data quality for accurate screening and intelligent investigation. Understand the risk associated with watchlist entities.

Managing and utilizing various watchlists is a constant challenge for financial institutions. Lists can be of poor data quality, lack essential decision-making context, change constantly and exist in various formats. SAFE List Management automatically downloads updates from government and commercial lists, validates records, optimizes data for watchlist screening engines and applies the SAFE Exposure Index® score to records.

Unique to SAFE List Management is SAFE Exposure Index®, SBS’ patented methodology of identifying how risky an entity is based on list data and linkages within a list. Every entity in a reference list is scored to identify factors increasing an entity’s risk. This score enables prioritization of potential matches that put the institution most at risk reducing false positives and promoting operational efficiency.

SAFE List Management is designed around flexibility allowing for internal custom lists, business line specific list subsets, proprietary lists such as marijuana related businesses and public lists such as charities and MSBs. Lists can be configured and production ready in days rather than weeks or months. This flexibility delivers more efficient filtering leading to fewer false positives and false negatives.