Services & Support

In addition to delivering innovative solutions to mitigate risk and ensure continued regulatory compliance, SBS offers a range of professional services to enhance your long-term business success.

Proof of Vulnerability (PoV)

SBS offers qualified organizations a Proof of Vulnerability, which provides an immediate snapshot of hidden risk in your customer database. More than just a Proof of Concept, the PoV will highlight gaps in your customer screening. It is one of the most powerful ways for us to quickly demonstrate the unique capabilities of SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® and our expertise in isolating anomalies to find the risk.

The Proof of Vulnerability uses a database sample you provide to:

  • identify data quality issues in your customer database
  • measure your organization’s exposure to high-risk individuals and entities
  • rank the severity of the matches and prioritize alerts that are most likely to be true
  • offer a slice-in-time snapshot of hidden risk (a more complete view of risk is available with the fully implemented solution).

Visit our FAQ to learn more about the Proof of Vulnerability or contact us for additional information.

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

The SBS FIU is an outsourced service to assist your organization with alert remediation, lookbacks and other time-consuming yet critical aspects of an AML program. As a scalable service, the FIU is flexible enough to meet changing needs and aggressive regulatory enforced timelines. You decide how much – or how little — support is required based on available internal resources and alert flow.

The FIU’s deep domain and technical expertise come together to solve your most challenging issues and clear alert backlog for entity resolution. We’ll provide the clarity to pinpoint risk leaving decisions regarding further action to your compliance team.

Read the interview with SBS’ Director of Data Analytics & FIU and SBS’ Senior Data Engineer to learn about the Data Analytics and FIU group.


SBS’ proven project management expertise ensures your implementation gets off on the right foot and hits all milestones as scheduled. Collaboration and communication throughout the process further contribute to a successful end result and a project that is delivered on time and within budget.

Our Professional Services staff will perform tuning and analysis for the initial scan of your database, help you streamline workflows and advise on using the more nuanced features of our solutions. Post-production quality review following deployment provides a seamless transition to our client support and is the final step in a successful implementation.


Standard end-user and administrative training is provided via the web. Online reference guides, videos and other training and support tools will address day-to-day questions and familiarize users with the full capabilities of the system. Customized “train the trainer” or on-site training options are also available by special request.

A post-implementation user assessment helps us determine any additional training needs. It ensures every member of your team understands the overall solution as well as functionality specific to their role so that you can realize the full benefits of your technology investment. Retraining as needed is provided at no charge.


With SBS, you’re never in it alone. Standard support is included within the scope of the engagement. This encompasses system integration testing, user acceptance testing, promotion to production, ongoing system maintenance and user training.

Our dedicated client support team is available during regular business hours to respond to your inquiries and provide technical assistance to keep you operating smoothly. Additional 24/7 support beyond the standard support model is available by special arrangement.

Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm ET