Entity Resolution

Zero in on relationship risk to thwart financial crime.

Rooting out perpetrators of money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing and other illegal activities hinges on knowing your customers and understanding the full ecosystem of their business relationships. But relationships are not always apparent and data used for screening is often incomplete and prone to error, making record linkage difficult.

SBS powers through the problem of entity resolution. Our solutions connect the dots from disparate systems and non-obvious relationships in data, providing you with a collective view of risk across your organization. Using artificial intelligence and advanced name-matching algorithms, we go beyond individual records and paired comparisons to include attributes and relational information found in data. Social networks, citation networks and co-citation networks provide additional details that leave no stone unturned in exposing hidden links between seemingly far-flung co-conspirators.

Proprietary metrics for severity and probability come together in SBS’ solutions to bring even greater value to entity resolution – shining a light on identity matches with the highest risk and greatest likelihood of being true while dramatically decreasing false positives. With a prioritization scoring at hand, your investigation team can jump into action, immediately targeting for review matches with the most significant risk.

By providing a focused and quantitative process for entity resolution, SBS improves operational efficiency and ensures a greater level of due diligence in the fight against financial crime.

“We can now apply the same set of standards – consistently – to our entire customer portfolio and uncover hidden risk that we may have otherwise missed.”

– Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Risk Officer