Watch List Filtering

Boost screening accuracy and reduce alert overload.

Watchlist filtering presents many challenges. From operational issues such as optimizing complex reference lists for scanning to managing data with too many aliases, misspellings and cultural naming conventions, the screening process can easily overtax your compliance team’s time and resources. Failing to identify a sanctioned or high-risk entity may trigger regulatory action.

SBS goes beyond name matching with watch list filtering and alert prioritization solutions that provide more accurate, actionable results to hone in on risk.

Our approach to screening is based on principles rather than an unmanageable number of rules. As a result, we deliver fewer, but higher quality matches regardless of the scale or complexity of the database. Even false positives, the pain point of AML screening and a significant drain on compliance resources, are dramatically reduced.

SBS’ patented exposure ranking of watch-list records sets the stage for assessing risk. Powerful alert scoring, which leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, delivers a hierarchy of risk based on severity and probability that further enhances risk mitigation. Operational efficiency soars as your compliance team can now methodically identify and prioritize for review high-risk customers that have the potential to cause financial or reputational harm.

Identify, assess and mitigate risk across the enterprise with SBS’ proven solutions for watch list filtering.

“SBS has had a profound effect on the number and quality of alerts. Matches are better and total alerts have decreased by 40%.”

– Vice President, AML/OFAC Officer